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Own the Night

Twenty years ago, I hiked the John Muir Trail in 7 days (for context, most people take about 3 weeks).  We averaged over 30 miles a day. On the fourth night, my hiking buddy Brad woke me up at 1 am and said he was having sleep apnea. He would fall asleep and then wake […]

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Evaluating Character

Today, I am sending a blog on character by Ted Gioia.  In his post, he gives 8 techniques for evaluating character.  If you are going to build and have a Fantastic Life, then you have to curate, grow, and sustain a core group of people in your life — your tribe. We all want our tribe

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Change Your Mindset

When I first read the below article, I found myself smiling quite a bit.  Why?  Because it felt like reading my books, The Fantastic Life and The Fantastic Life Revisited. Change is hard. Changing your mindset is exceptionally hard.  Check out the list in the article below for more, but to start, I’ve summarized a few

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Exercise Snacks

I LOVED the idea presented in the article below — an exercise snack. What is it? 1 minute of intense exercise. Why do it? Turns out, it is GREAT for you.   An exercise snack is….  –Short—approx. 1 minute.–Intense—pick something that is not easy (deep squats, push-ups, and jumping rope are a few ideas). Here is one way I

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