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Consistency with Exercise

Yes, I am on a consistency kick this year. I have written about my daily morning routine and the huge value it has brought to me.  Below is an article about working out every single day for over a year. I have been a firm believer in daily exercise for years, and this article explains why.


Here are some suggetions and why you should move your body EVERY DAY:


  1. Everyone can and should find 30 minutes to exercise even if it’s walking.
  2. You will start to see changes phyically and mentally.
  3. It is about self discipline and developing a good healty habit.  Consistency. 
  4. After a certain number of days, you don’t want to break the habit of a daily 30-minute exercise and will probably increase the time you spend exercising – close those rings!
  5. You might not get as toned as the guy below, but you should see improvements and the biggest change will be in your mental health. Promise.
  6. Here is a bonus tip:  give yourself permission to have a nominal mimium daily workout…say 10 pushups and 10 sit ups.  When you can`t get 30 minutes, do your minimum and count it a win.

The world has been upside down for over two years. THIS is a habit that will make your Fantastic Life better.


Start today.




The Fantastic Life Rule # 11
Don’t Waste Time

Don’t wait until Monday. Don’t wait until you find the perfect workout class or exercise plan. Stop wasting time and get moving. All it takes is 30 minutes a day.


I Did 30-Minute Exercise Every Day for 385+ Days — Here’s What Happened

No, I didn’t get ripped — but it overhauled my entire life in a year.

By: Darshak Rana | Published on January 19, 2022

Photo by Cristian Baron on Unsplash

I had just finished reading Gretchen Rubin’s “The Happiness Project,” — a book about a year-long experiment in which she pursued habits that made her happier.


She came up with 12 small word projects — energy, marriage, work, parenthood, etc., that could unlock “real” long-lasting happiness. It sounded like the perfect solution because my life was stuck in a rut. My work and health issues had gripped me in anxiety.


I had always been interested in fitness and working out, so I decided to take on this happiness project.


My main purpose of exercising every day for a year was to see what would happen if I lived a healthier lifestyle and how it would improve my overall mood.


More importantly, I wanted to answer two main questions through self-discovery:


· What would happen if you exercised every day?

· How to make workouts a (natural) daily habit?


Also, I had read in research that regular exercise is associated with improved sleep quality and memory function, so I wanted to experience the same.


I came up with a few reasons why I would succeed in this goal — I had an exercise mindset and had all the necessary equipment and facilities. Plus, I had a comforting relief that nobody would judge me if I failed in my efforts.


Exercising Every Day for 30 Minutes Needs Some Mental Homework


I believed that if I had a strong “WHY,” the “HOW” would take care of itself.


So, I made a list of all the benefits that I would gain from exercising every day. I kept it on my desk to remind myself — “this lifestyle is worth pursuing.”


The list went like this — I would lower my resting heart rate and decrease the risk for diseases like cancer, diabetes, stroke, and cardiovascular disease (which was very important because it ran in my genes). I would also develop self-esteem and self-confidence through a sense of achievement.


I also reiterated mentally for a few weeks — if I could exercise for 3 days, I could do it for 30 days. Then 60, 180, and so on!


This way, I got rid of all excuses through reasoning and self-reflection. It all comes down to self-discipline when building habits.


Motivation gets you started but habits create a life!


Consistency Creates a Daily Workout Habit


I read in research:


“People are more likely to be consistent with their workouts if they do them at the same time every day.”


I chose 6 AM as my workout time. My regular wake-up time was around 5-ish, so I had plenty of time to exercise before my work time.


Month #1

I started with a simple, achievable goal. I wanted to start with brisk walking. But, the freezing weather in Canada locked me up at home. So I started with some light exercises like elliptical, skipping ropes, spot marching, jumping jacks, push-ups, etc.


My body wasn’t new to exercising but doing it every day for 30 minutes was another level difficult.


After the first few days, my legs and muscles were sore! But I pushed through and made it to day#6 before letting myself have a day off.


However, I didn’t want to break the momentum by missing even a single day.


So, I did yoga. The next day I found myself so energetic and cheerful that I didn’t need any motivation to work out.


I also found a secret to exercising every day — “if you want to take a break from exercise, recharge with yoga.”


Month #2

I felt energetic and had more mental clarity. My body wasn’t resisting exercise anymore.


So, I shifted gears with weight training— Dumbbells, kettlebell cardio, and bench press workouts.


As the physical pain increased, I didn’t feel like working out after a few days. But my mind pushed me because I wanted to see the results.


So, I made some adaptions, like increasing the duration of yoga to 45 minutes. I also included other physical activities like swimming, ice skating, snowshoeing. It helped relieve the pain in my arms and back. Also, spending time in nature rewired my brain to perform better.


Month #3

I was so motivated that I didn’t want to break the momentum at any cost. So every time I felt like skipping a workout, I would think, “what am I doing? If I skip one day, I will be tempted to skip another.”


To keep myself motivated, I reinvented the meaning of exercises!


I started doing five-minute high-intensity workouts during the day. You can read about it here.


5 High Calorie-Burning Exercises That Require No Gym Equipment


The secret to burning more calories using bodyweight is choosing the right exercises Creating new rules of exercise made it easier to hit the 30-minute goal.


Month #4

Now that I stopped exercising 30 minutes at a stretch, I felt lighter on my feet and more energized.


By the end of month#4, I was doing over 45 minutes of exercise — 20 minutes of cardio in the morning and then five-minute high-intensity interval training between work hours and while watching Netflix and doing household chores.


That’s when I knew that exercising every day has a “very positive impact” on mind, body, and soul. I was already experiencing sound sleep at night and waking up without an alarm.


Month #5

By month five, I had lost 10 pounds and 2 inches off my waist. It was clear that it wasn’t just a coincidence but the result of a consistent effort of exercising every day.


I noted my metabolism had improved by the fifth month, and indigestion problems subsided.


I also observed the muscles in my arms and legs getting toned, and they felt leaner than before.


Month #6

When I started this experiment, my goal was to get in shape and get toned. However, the best life change that exercises brought me in six months was my mental health.


I became calmer and didn’t feel like rushing into anything.


The more results I saw, the more determined I was to elevate my overall health.


So, I started doing Tabata — a training that breaks down a workout into clearly defined intervals. Work out hard for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and complete 8 rounds. After each round, there is a one-minute rest period.


Month #7

The seventh month was the toughest of all. I had personal, work, and financial issues mounting over my head. I wanted to stop exercising and channel my energy towards that problem.


However, I heard a voice from inside, “If the mind is peaceful, life becomes blissful.”


It was summertime, so I ditched all the exercises routine and headed out in the sun. I went hiking, biking, and long walks on trails. Nature healed my pain without affecting my exercise goal.


Month #8

Now that things stopped affecting my mind, I craved exercise every day!


I decided to take upon the 30-day challenge. My first thought was “2-minute planks!”


You can read about my journey here:


I Did 2-Minute Plank Every Day for 42 Days — Here’s What Happened


No, I didn’t get six-pack abs-but I didn’t realize that it would make such a difference in other ways

Month #9+

I felt like an achiever. After crushing the 30-day challenge, I was all pumped up. My adrenaline rush was at an all-time high. Exercise had overhauled my entire life in 9 months.


I felt like a new person. I was not crying about Covid anymore. I stopped complaining about world issues.


Results of Exercising 30 Minutes Every Day for 385+ Days
Image of Results after 30-Minute Exercise Every Day for 385+ Days


Results Displayed By Apple Watch After 30-Minute Exercise, Completing The Move Goal Every Day for 385+ Days | Image provided by the author


· My body became more toned.

· My body fat dropped to 14.7 from 16.1 (Measured with Withings Body Plus Scale)

· I slept better and woke up (without alarm) feeling more refreshed.

· My energy levels increased, and I felt more motivated to work.

· I gained muscle mass.

· My moods improved, and I was less stressed overall.

· My mental clarity improved, and I was able to think more clearly.

· I had fewer headaches and felt sick less often.

· I felt calmer and accomplished inside, which made me respond to situations instead of reacting.

· I could do more strenuous workouts without feeling tired or exhausted.

· My long-suffered indigestion problems got cured.

· My metabolic rate increased.

· My resting heart rate dropped from 58 to 43.

· My focus improved, and productivity increased as days passed.

Image of Apple Watch Challenges Successfully Completed by the Author


Can You Exercise 30 Minutes Every Day?
The answer is a resounding “yes.”

It wasn’t easy for me because I thought I had no time to exercise for 30 minutes every day. But I was wrong!


When I first started, not only did I have to convince myself that it was going to be worth it in the long run, I also had to convince myself that I had enough time to exercise every day for 30 minutes.


30 minutes is not a big deal as it sounds!


If you’re watching Netflix, doing laundry, listening to a podcast, then do five-minute bodyweight workouts like push-ups, spot marching, squats, jumping jacks, lunges, stretching, etc.


You don’t need to dedicate a separate time for exercising!


If you can sandwich small exercises in your daily chores, you can exercise more than 30 minutes a day. You won’t need to challenge your will or use motivation to exercise every day.


How You Can Exercise For 30 Minutes Every Day
Exercise for 30 minutes a day — no problem, right?


Before you laugh it off as totally impossible — what’s stopping you from going outdoors or going out for a run every other day?


Even if you can’t go every day, “five days a week” commitment isn’t too bad.


According to CDC(Centers For Disease Control And Prevention), you need only 150 minutes of exercise per week — and the good news is you don’t have to do it one shot.


Here’s how you can make your journey simpler:


I. Start Small and Gradually Increase the Intensity and Duration of Your Workouts
If exercise is new to you, I recommend you begin with walking, strength training, or yoga so that it’s not too overwhelming.


Going from zero to running a marathon in a week is not only unrealistic, but it’s also going to be incredibly discouraging.


With that said, don’t underestimate yourself. You can do anything you set your mind to!


So, be mindful of how your body feels as you exercise. If you’re pushing yourself to the point of pain, stop! It’s not only dangerous, but it can also lead to injury.


To finish like a tiger, you got to start like a slug.


II. Create an “Enjoyable Exercise Routine” That Doesn’t Make You Feel Like Quitting After a Few Days
For example, if you like dancing and working out on the radio, go ahead and make a night of it. Dance for 30 minutes while listening to your favorite songs.


If you hate dancing, there are plenty of other activities that can be done in 30 minutes — aerobics, staircase exercises, etc.


It can be difficult to find the right kind of exercise routine when you first start. Don’t worry, though. The key is just finding what you enjoy doing and sticking with it! Some examples include:


·      Stand up and spot march while working at your desk or while watching TV
·        Take a stroll around the neighborhood
·      Try out yoga, which you can easily do in your own living room


The point of the daily exercise is not to numb your mind. But to make it more functional.


III. Spice Up Your Workout Routine With Different Activities and Exercises.
Doing the same exercises every day will cause burnout and you’ll stop exercising. Your body gets used to certain types of exercise after a few weeks, so mixing things up will help keep your muscles challenged.


Even if it’s fun, don’t overdo one activity since that could cause injury too!


To prevent boredom and fatigue, you can mix and match cardio, HIIT, weight training, yoga, outdoor activities, sports, etc.


IV. Exercise Doesn’t Mean Workouts
The whole point of my happiness project was to live an active lifestyle. So, exercise didn’t mean workouts.


Exercising means doing anything that makes your body work. It can include swimming, hiking, biking outdoors, dancing, aerobics, walking, jumping, skipping ropes, etc.


Motion is the best lotion.


The “Dirty Dozen” — What to Remember if You Want to Exercise Every Day
1.     Time is, was, and never will be a constraint. So don’t bind yourself to exercise only at a specific time.
2.    Stop saying, “I don’t have time to exercise.”
3.    Set up time with friends, family, and co-workers for exercise/do a physical activity together.
4.    Keep your clothes and exercise paraphernalia ready, so you won’t have an excuse to skip the workout at the last minute.
5.    Get better sleep — sleep deprivation can also be a major hurdle in making exercise a habit.
6.    Eat Well (I am not talking about eating salads!)
7.     Don’t give up on the first thought that crosses your mind — most of us fail to do something because we think about it too much and end up convincing ourselves why we shouldn’t do it.
8.    Exercise is a lifelong commitment, not a one-day decision.
9.    Use apps and gadgets to track your progress.
10.  You will have to convince yourself to exercise for ONLY a few initial weeks.
11. The longer you wait, the more time it will take you to form the habit.
12.         It doesn’t matter whether you go for a 30-minute walk, run, swim or cycle every day, just get started and continue with the momentum.


How Long Will It Take You to Make Exercise a Daily Habit?

Research published in the European Journal of Social Psychology concludes:


Developing a new habit takes anywhere from 18 days to 254 days.

The time it takes to form a new habit is determined by a variety of factors — the behavior, the individual, and the lifestyle.

Exercising every day for 30 minutes is easy than it sounds — if you set small goals for yourself.
You’re only one workout away from creating a great habit and life!


Final Thoughts
Exercising every day is not just about making summer body or looking better or getting abs — it’s about feeling like an achiever.


I am still exercising every day, and the benefits keep adding.


Commit to 3 days. Then a week. Stretch your momentum to 3 weeks and so on. The journey of exercising becomes simpler when you break it down into smaller goals.


Remember, every workout, every physical activity counts.


“The only bad workout is the one that you didn’t do.” ~ Unknown

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