The Fantastic Life

Teaching Kids How to Make Money

GravyStack is a company I invested in a few years ago and they went live last week.  This company helps kids learn how to make and spend money.  Not your typical software, I assure you.  Take a few minutes to watch this video and see for yourself:

Here are a few quick points about this product: 

– Anyone ages 6 & up can utilize GravyStack.  This app plays like a game, making it perfect for kids.

– Less than 1 in 4 kids are financially independent by the age of 22…GravyStack is THE solution.

– Homework is not how your kids will learn money skills–kids learn best through real-life experience.  On GravyStack kids are saving on average $547 in just one of their missions.

– We want kids to EARN their money… giving away “free money” aka allowance, is not going to help your kids learn to be good with money. 

If you have kids, this is worth signing up for. Here is the link to download the app:

The Fantastic Life Rule #6: Set Goals
I have been setting goals with my kids since they were very young. As they’ve gotten older, and started earning money, we talked about how to set earning and savings goals. It’s never too early. Setting Quick and Big goals is part of the GravyStack game.


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