The Fantastic Life

A Simple Playbook for your Emotions

We’ve all been there. You get so upset and worked up that you are not able to control your emotions. This is NOT what living a Fantastic Life is all about.  I saw this simple blog from Brian Kight and thought I would share. The highlights below are the ones I have found myself using this past month:

A simple playbook for staying in control of emotional responses:

» Listen when you’re angry.

» Try when you’re afraid.

» Forgive when you’re hurt.

» Reflect when you’re wrong.

» Persevere when you’re embarrassed.

» Ask when you’re skeptical.

» Share when you’re vulnerable.

Try some out this week if you find yourself in an emotional state.  

The Fantastic Life Rule #10:
Take the Decision Out of the Moment
 Strong emotions plant us in the present moment — in ways both good and bad. Whenever a strong emotion hits, having a method to process and internalize will help you keep from making rash decisions. 

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