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Master Your Breath

In LIFEies, I have talked a few times about breathing (Three Breathing Exercises, Calm Under Pressure, & Inner Peace. Now.).  Now there’s a bestselling book about breathing called Breath by James Nestor. Below is a great Twitter thread that I copied from here that gives a short summary of  12 different breathing techniques.  I also just purchased his course on breathwork.. James Nestor | The Power Of Your Breath | BBC Maestro
Here is why we should focus on our breath:

– Breathwork can help with anxiety and stress – just slow down and use one of the above techniques to relax your mind.
– Of all the methods below my favorite is deep belly breathing  or the box breathing.  They are quick, easy, and help you manage stress very quickly.
– I find myself focusing on my breathing all the time now…Shit works.  Try it for yourself. 

A little focus on your breathing can be good for you.  Find one you like or are interested in and try it out this week.  Or try a few. 


The Fantastic Life Rule #5: 
Get a Win 

Every time you breathe it’s a win. You are here and you are alive! Put a little thought and intention behind that breathing and you can reap an even bigger win. 



An ancient Chinese proverb says:
“If you know the art of deep breathing
You have the wisdom, strength, and courage of ten tigers”
1 – Wim Hof
This technique has been scientifically tested to reduce anxiety and improve immunity.
– Breathe in deeply through the nose
– Exhale through the mouth, then immediately breathe in again.
– Take 30–40 such breaths in short bursts.
– Take one final, deep inhalation.
– Let the air out and stop inhaling.
– Hold your breath until you feel the urge to breathe again.
– Inhale very deeply to full capacity and hold for 15 seconds, then let it go.
This makes one round.
Repeat the whole process 3-4 times.
Meditate after your session.
2. Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodhana)
Calms the mind and balances the flow of energy in the body.
– Close your right nostril with your thumb
– Inhale through your left nostril.
– Close your left nostril with your ring finger
– Exhale through your right nostril.
3. Box Breathing (Square Breathing):
Helps regulate and calm the nervous system.
– Inhale for a count of 4
– Hold your breath for a count of 4
– Exhale for a count of 4
– Hold your breath for a count of 4
– This completes one cycle
– Repeat for 10-20 minutes.
4. Deep Belly Breathing:
Excellent for reducing stress and promoting relaxation.
– Inhale deeply through your nose. Expand your diaphragm and let your abdomen rise.
– Exhale slowly and completely through your mouth.
– Repeat this for several cycles.
– Maintain a rhythm.
5. Bee Breathing
A powerful technique for inducing higher states of consciousness.
– Close your ears with your thumbs
– Place your index fingers on your forehead
– Close your eyes.
– Inhale deeply through your nose.
– Exhale slowly while making a humming sound like a bee.
6. Cooling Breath (Sitali)
This technique has a cooling effect on the body and can help calm the nervous system.
– Purse your lips
– Inhale through your pursed lips
– Exhale through your nose
7. Lion’s Breath (Simhasana Pranayama)
Helps release tension in the face and throat.
– Inhale deeply through your nose.
– Exhale through your mouth while sticking out your tongue and making a “ha” sound.
8. Equal Breathing (Sama Vritti):
This prepares the mind for meditation and can help induce sleep.
– Inhale deeply for 4 seconds
– Exhale softly for 4 seconds
9. Victorious Breath (Ujjayi):
This technique is used in yoga to build internal heat and focus the mind.
– Inhale slowly through your nose
– Slightly constrict the back of your throat to create a whispering sound
– Exhale with the same throat constriction with the same sound.
10. Holotropic breathing
This is used to awaken the subconscious mind.
– Lie down and close your eyes
– Breathe deeply and slowly through your nose into your belly
– Expand your abdomen fully
– Exhale fully through your mouth
– Release any tension or stress with each breath.
– Maintain the rhythm of your breath
– Gradually increasing the pace and intensity
– Let your breath flow freely, avoiding any forced or strained breathing
– As you breathe, allow any thoughts, emotions, or sensations to arise without judgment.
– Embrace whatever arises during the practice. -Trust your intuition and surrender to the healing power of this ancient technique. -Begin to slow down your breathing, returning to a gentle and natural pace. – Take a few moments to rest and bask in the peace of mind.
Taking deep breaths is like taking a Soul bath –
It washes off negative thoughts and emotions.
Anytime your mind is in a frenzy
And the emotions are overwhelming
Your breath is the most potent anchor for calming your nerves.
Some of these techniques are powerful and require supervision. Do your due research before attempting anyone. Stick with the one that feels most natural to you. Practice it daily till it becomes second nature. Follow me for more enlightening articles like this
Breathing Techniques Summary:
– Wim Hof
– Alternate nostril breathing
– Box breathing
– Deep belly breathing
– Bee Breathing
– Cooling breath
– Lion’s breath
– Equal breathing
– Victorious breath
– Holotropic breathing

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