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Not Feeling It Today

Not feeling it today?  I’ve been there. You and I both know we will not be operating at 100% all the time.  We KNOW this.  And yet, we question ourselves:  Should I work out today?  Short answer: Hell yes we should! –Tony Robbins says:  “I don’t negotiate with myself.  I say, we go.” –David Goggins says:  …

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Exercise Snacks

I LOVED the idea presented in the article below — an exercise snack. What is it? 1 minute of intense exercise. Why do it? Turns out, it is GREAT for you.   An exercise snack is….  –Short—approx. 1 minute.–Intense—pick something that is not easy (deep squats, push-ups, and jumping rope are a few ideas). Here is one way I …

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Mindfulness for Anxiety

Mindfulness is a fairly common theme of your Fantastic Life.  I constantly want to gently remind myself and our LIFEies community to get more present in our lives.  Today, give yourself the gift of being present and mindful. Here is why I sent the below article:  According to the study mentioned, mindfulness helped with anxiety AS MUCH as drugs …

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