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You might think you know what rest is, but there are a few things your definition may be lacking. Read the full article below to see how to define it for yourself but here are few thoughts:   1. Rest is not watching TV, being on your phone, or hanging out with other people.  Rest is […]

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Do the Work

Recently, I have found myself checking my phone for emails, then sliding into Instagram. Full disclosure, we now have three grandbabies and they are addicting to see on the family Instagram….BUT that is an excuse. We all want a Fantastic Life.  We want to set goals, get in the gravel, execute, and get wins. But how do

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Turning Around a Moonshot

Greg Robinson is the NASA engineer who got the Webb Space Telescope launched (a huge moonshot).  This was after the entire project was a complete disaster.  Read his unbelievable story and more in the fabulous article from the WSJ below.   While the story is fascinating, the takeaways are perfect for LIFEies and living a Fantastic Life.  Achieving

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Your Gut Health

Gut health is becoming even more important as we begin to understand it better. Every week I see new and potentially life-changing information come out about the gut. I thought I would share some with you today. Here are some ways to improve your gut health: –Stay off the sugar (personal note to Craig). –Avoid large meals

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