The Fantastic Life

“Craig’s ability to articulate the actions that have led to his life successes offers a template to build your own action plan for a bigger life. The type of book that can be read multiple times and continues to offer new inspiration.”

– Zach Venvertloh

The Fantastic Life Series

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The book that started it all!

Health and Wellness

“I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and want to thank you for sharing your cancer journey with “What Now?” Your approach was mindful and clear from the start. It is a great benefit to newly diagnosed cancer victims.”

– Christine Bowen

Commercial Real Estate Series

“I really enjoyed reading Chasing Excellence. The story-telling format of the book, from two viewpoints, makes it very easy & fun to read. A couple of the chapters really hit home with me.”

– Mike S.

“Great read. This book lays out in detail all of the essential steps in commercial real estate in a concise, clear manner. Definitely give it a read if you are in the business or want to learn more.”

– Paco Contreras

“This is an excellent book…clear and concise with an actionable plan to begin investing in commercial real estate. Craig’s nine-week acquisition process is very insightful and truly makes the book an invaluable resource. “

– Michael S.

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