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  Mindfulness is now a big trend in people’s busy lives. While I have dabbled with it for years, I am now on a Mindfulness kick.  Each day. Every day. I am particularly interested in working on being more mindful throughout each day. Below I have highlighted a quote that is so true.  Live your moments. Rule #4 from my book The […]

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Here Comes the Next Huge Wave

  All of the talk about millennials that goes on today is overbearing at times.  But there is a reason this generation is so prevalent.  And it is pictured below in a graph. WOW.  A huge wave of adults is about to take on the world.  For young adults, you can look at this two ways. First, there is going to be a ton of

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Mistakes on Resumes

  I am always amazed to find typos (including my own over the years) or outright lies on resumes.  Just a few months ago, I had to terminate an interview with a prospective associate when it became clear the person had lied on his resume.  Mistakes like these can and have cost people great opportunities. Years ago, I was fortunate to get

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The Future of College

  I would never change my college days and am happy we have been blessed to give the same to our kids. But times are changing for future generations.     The Fantastic Life Rule # 4: All of Life is ConnectedThis rule doesn’t let you forget that all aspects of life have an effect

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