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The Average Savings of Americans

Let’s start today’s LIFEies with this crazy stat: 48% of ALL American households headed by someone over 55 years of age have NO retirement savings whatsoever. Now, let’s look at the average retirement savings by age:I strongly believe, we can do better.  How? –Lower your lifestyle and delay gratification  We lived in the house I owned before …

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Your Gut

Our LIFEies today is about microbiota. “What now?” Don’t worry, we’ll start off with a few simple definitions:  —Microbiota – the microorganisms of a particular site, habitat or creature. The human microbiota, for example, consists of all the collective microorganisms, bacteria, etc. that live within our bodies.   —Dysbiosis – the reduction in microbial diversity. —Microbiome hypothesis – This postulates …

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