Japanese Philosophies for Spending Money

This week, I have learned a few Japanese words that might stick with our crew as we spend money. Below is an article explaining all these words in more detail, but here are my takeaways: Chisoku—Be content with what you have. And if you are reading this, you have enough. Read Enough Already Wabi Sabi—Finding beauty in imperfection. Today, be present, find beauty… Read more →

Negotiation is the Ultimate Productivity Hack

I negotiate on behalf of my clients every single day, and have for over 35 years. I sometimes forget how engrained negotiations are in my life. Negotiation is an obvious requirement for my job, but, as the below article explains, it’s really necessary for everyone, not just those who work in real estate or sales. EVERYONE should know how to… Read more →


  The Forbes World’s Billionaires list is always a hot item.  I love to read about the roots of billionaires and see how they carved their own path to success.  Below is a very cool infographic examining the backgrounds of the world’s billionaires.  Let’s break it down: Toss the first 30—they inherited their wealth.  Good for them. 17 started their own… Read more →

Debt: A Four Letter Word

The best way to stay out of debt is to not go into it in the first place.  Below is a Wall Street Journal article on what is happening to baby boomers in retirement and the tough decisions they are now having to face due to debt accumulation over the years. Here are a few great quotes on debt: –Paying… Read more →

How Much To Save For Emergencies?

  Preparing for the unexpected emergency seems impossible.  The main reason is it’s UNEXPECTED. You don’t know how much to save or what to prepare for because there is no warning for what’s going to happen. All the more reason to prepare. Waiting until the emergency happens is always too late.  66 million Americans do NOT have emergency savings. (Click… Read more →

Live on Less, Have More

  There are two ways to become financially independent: –Make a lot of money–Spend less In my career, I have tried to do both.  I have been WAY more successful with the first one.  We have been teaching our kids to live as long as you can on as little as you can. Below is a great article sent to me… Read more →