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Suffering Pleasurably

I love writing about Type 2 Fun – the type of fun that is challenging in the moment but rewarding in retrospect. I normalized this type of fun over 30 years ago when I started running marathons/ultra-marathons while I was working 70+ hours a week. This is not a brag session, just an observation — I KNOW …

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Confident Humility

Since I started writing LIFEies, I now get inspiration for life lessons everywhere. Today, the lesson comes from a blog from the company that is my investment advisor. Below, they share the principles they use to guide their investments. There is a ton of great investing advice, but there is also some golden LIFEies advice, …

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Turning Around a Moonshot

Greg Robinson is the NASA engineer who got the Webb Space Telescope launched (a huge moonshot).  This was after the entire project was a complete disaster.  Read his unbelievable story and more in the fabulous article from the WSJ below.   While the story is fascinating, the takeaways are perfect for LIFEies and living a Fantastic Life.  Achieving …

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Losing Bad Habits

I have written a bunch on developing habits. I have tons of habits…..most good and a few not so good. Today, let’s take a quick look at getting rid of some of our “not so good” habits. While the standard reply is to replace the bad habit with a good habit (read Atomic Habits or …

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7 Cool Hacks

I saw the below thread about psychology hacks on Instagram and put it all together for the LIFEies crew to scroll through. Here are my top three hacks and some thoughts on why they work:   Participation — As I have built my teams, I have learned that getting everyone on board, making them stakeholders …

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Becoming Consistent

Last week I sent a write-up on Discipline and Consistency. This week, let’s take one more look at consistency—my word for 2022. Below is another article on why we should focus on developing this skill.   Here is my question: How can I continue to become more consistent?   Below are some of the ways …

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