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Today, we’re talking about the dreaded P-word —procrastination. Below is a great article with lots of ideas on how to procrastinate less. It’s worth the read. Here are three thoughts/methods that I found particularly interesting for me: –Change your environment. If you are stuck or need to get going on something, move environments.  This week I …

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Confident Humility

Since I started writing LIFEies, I now get inspiration for life lessons everywhere. Today, the lesson comes from a blog from the company that is my investment advisor. Below, they share the principles they use to guide their investments. There is a ton of great investing advice, but there is also some golden LIFEies advice, …

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Time Across Our Lives

Below is a fascinating article about how we spend our time throughout our lives. Now that I am 60+ years old, I have experienced quite a few of the segments myself. I wanted to share what’s coming to our younger readers and maybe give older readers some things to consider.  Here is what I am thinking …

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Want Less

When I read the article after my comments, this formula stuck out: Satisfaction = what you have ÷ what you want The absolute key to being satisfied is to simply want less. I am no expert on this.  I have been working my ass off and achieving for decades…get more, do more, be more.  So …

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What is Missing from your Job Description

The working world is undergoing massive change right now. Remote positions, flex hours, working at the office, it’s all changing.  I co-wrote a book with Bill Lee called, Chasing Excellence. In the chapter titled, “Everything is Being Disrupted—Except This,” “This” of course, is referring to relationships. — Build relationships from the first day you work until the last. …

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You might think you know what rest is, but there are a few things your definition may be lacking. Read the full article below to see how to define it for yourself but here are few thoughts:   1. Rest is not watching TV, being on your phone, or hanging out with other people.  Rest is …

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