Calm Under Pressure

Being calm under pressure is a skill that can be learned. How do we learn it? By learning to control our breath.  Simple — right?  I have written a number of times about breathing.  In addition to cultivating calm, there are numerous health benefits, both physical and mental, to controlling your breathing. Here is a simple technique for remaining calm that… Read more →

Every Moment Matters

Here’s a simple reminder for the week.  Every moment matters. Time passes.  We simply need to make sure we live our lives every single day…every single moment. How do we do this?  1- Breathe. All the time.2- Notice life happening. The sun, the birds, the people around you.3- Just be with yourself. Make sure you do what matters.  We are busy. Make sure what… Read more →


Let’s start with a quote from Jeff Bezos: “If you double the number of experiments you do per year, you’re going to double your inventiveness.” Today, I want to look at the rest of 2022 from an experimentation lense and see if we can make our lives more Fantastic this year. — Suggestions for Experiments. You can read the excellent article below… Read more →

Leadership Traits

I have learned…ok, I am still learning…that it’s not easy to become a great leader.   Leading requires lots of practice, patience, and commitment.  Breaking these words down into one word:  time.  I have to spend time with my team and I have to think about each one as an individual as well.  There is no set-and-forget in leadership.  Greet… Read more →

Brand New Sleeping Thoughts

Time for my annual discussion about sleep. Let’s start with some things we already know (Read more in LIFEies). —Sleeping less than 5 hours a night doubles the risk of death from cardiovascular disease. –Losing sleep during the week negatively changes your metabolism (and you can’t catch up). –Glymphatic System (the system that cleans out your brain) only works when… Read more →