The Fantastic Life


Suffering Pleasurably

I love writing about Type 2 Fun – the type of fun that is challenging in the moment but rewarding in retrospect. I normalized this type of fun over 30 years ago when I started running marathons/ultra-marathons while I was working 70+ hours a week. This is not a brag session, just an observation — I KNOW …

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Do the Work

Recently, I have found myself checking my phone for emails, then sliding into Instagram. Full disclosure, we now have three grandbabies and they are addicting to see on the family Instagram….BUT that is an excuse. We all want a Fantastic Life.  We want to set goals, get in the gravel, execute, and get wins. But how do …

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Daily Rituals

I love routines. They make my days predictable and help me habit stack effectively. But sometimes, routines get stale. They become boring, or we feel stuck in a rut. The article below offers a new perspective on routines — build them around rituals. A ritual is a series of events that eases you into the right mindset to tackle a task …

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Evening Walking

Last week, I talked about the big positives that come with simply walking every day. Today, I want to take it a step further and talk about going for an easy walk every evening.   I have been tracking my evening walks for about 2 years. I STILL don’t get enough of them in BUT …

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