Every Moment Matters

Here’s a simple reminder for the week.  Every moment matters. Time passes.  We simply need to make sure we live our lives every single day…every single moment. How do we do this?  1- Breathe. All the time.2- Notice life happening. The sun, the birds, the people around you.3- Just be with yourself. Make sure you do what matters.  We are busy. Make sure what… Read more →

Your Gut

Our LIFEies today is about microbiota. “What now?” Don’t worry, we’ll start off with a few simple definitions:  —Microbiota – the microorganisms of a particular site, habitat or creature. The human microbiota, for example, consists of all the collective microorganisms, bacteria, etc. that live within our bodies.   —Dysbiosis – the reduction in microbial diversity. —Microbiome hypothesis – This postulates that our influence on the… Read more →