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Crypto Insanity

Borrowing money to invest in Crypto?  Insanity. Not a Fantastic Life.  I saw the below article and thought, “are you kidding me?” Guess not.  11% of crypto investors used a pay day loan to invest in crypto, in spite of triple-digit interest rates. Many of these borrowers are already struggling. More than 32% of cryptocurrency …

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Stolen Attention

I have been observing how often I’m on my phone and it’s crazy how it drives my life. I am committed to making a change. NOW. Especially after reading the article below. Here are two quotes from the article that particularly stuck with me: “There is no way we can have a normal brain today. We …

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A Pause

  Scott Dinsmore wrote the below blog just before his death near the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro (read more here). I love his mindset and work. The below represents the essence of one of my rules for living a Fantastic Life–Getting out of the Matrix (click here to buy The Fantastic Life and read all of …

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Increased Efficiency Could Make Us Miserable

I love it when technology can make my life easier.  I am totally focused on efficiency as well.  Of course, there is a downside.  Below is a wonderful article on how people are changing, interacting less and becoming more isolated.  I see it in millennials where connections don’t mean relationships.  Getting my interns to just pick up the phone and call …

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Productivity Habits

  Below is a great infographic that visually shows 35 habits to be more productive.  Take a look, pick a few, and take them on a test run.  I know my son Charlie is working on writing his ideas down daily—from the mind section.  I am personally focused on the sleep (see the LIFEies I sent on sleep) …

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