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A Pause

  Scott Dinsmore wrote the below blog just before his death near the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro (read more here). I love his mindset and work. The below represents the essence of one of my rules for living a Fantastic Life–Getting out of the Matrix (click here to buy The Fantastic Life and read all of …

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Increased Efficiency Could Make Us Miserable

I love it when technology can make my life easier.  I am totally focused on efficiency as well.  Of course, there is a downside.  Below is a wonderful article on how people are changing, interacting less and becoming more isolated.  I see it in millennials where connections don’t mean relationships.  Getting my interns to just pick up the phone and call …

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Productivity Habits

  Below is a great infographic that visually shows 35 habits to be more productive.  Take a look, pick a few, and take them on a test run.  I know my son Charlie is working on writing his ideas down daily—from the mind section.  I am personally focused on the sleep (see the LIFEies I sent on sleep) …

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Great things are happening

  Below is a great article that my brother sent me about all the incredible things happening in American manufacturing today.  Sound boring?  Far from it.  The software company hackathons we have seen in the tech industry recently are now coming to USA manufacturing. Rapid change, time to market, and continuous disruption; get used to them.  Make sure you are on the right side of this immense …

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Stop before you send that text/email

  One of the best things about technology can also be the very worst.  Instant communication is great, until it isn’t. Below is a short article from Michael Josephson about taking a little bit of time before you send out any communication to ask yourself a few questions.  Over the years, I have written over a dozen emails or …

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TV vs. Changing Your Life. Simple change and very powerful!

  Below is a simple graph with amazing data. The Average American over 15 years old spends 168 minutes each and every day watching TV. They spend 19 minutes reading, 18 minutes working out, and 18 minutes relaxing (meditation). Let’s change this up for a month. Try this: TV–2 hours for the week (your must-see show or a …

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