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Lead Measures

What are lead and lag measures?  This concept is essential for business management.  Lead measures are things that you can control and are real time measures.  For example, if your company does extremely well one year, your lead measure could be the new process your team adapted to gain more clients. Your lag measure is the […]

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Writing to Think

Every week I write a LIFEies and a C2 Voice.  As the years have gone on, this writing has helped me grow as a writer and a person.  By writing out my thoughts after reading articles week after week for almost a decade, I have a better understanding of myself and the world around me. I’ve been better at comprehending

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Master Your Breath

In LIFEies, I have talked a few times about breathing (Three Breathing Exercises, Calm Under Pressure, & Inner Peace. Now.).  Now there’s a bestselling book about breathing called Breath by James Nestor. Below is a great Twitter thread that I copied from here that gives a short summary of  12 different breathing techniques.  I also just purchased his course on breathwork.. James Nestor | The

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