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If You Want to Meet That Deadline, Play a Trick on Your Mind

  In my quest to always be more efficient, productive and goal-orientated, I ran across the below article from the beginning of the year that has some great suggestions about how to trick ourselves into meeting deadlines. Here are a couple quick items: 1. Use color in your calendar.  Last year, we added color to my Outlook calendar.  …

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Creating a Great Day

  Over the past 24 months, I have been spending an inordinate amount of time organizing my schedule.  I have 30+ years invested in working on my schedule and am finally making some meaningful changes to help me focus my time on the most important things.  Below is a very cool infographic on creating a great day.  If you are …

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Make the Choice

  In my life, I get inspiration from all kinds of different people, industries, and areas of life.  One major thing I draw a ton of motivation from is sports.  This year, Steph Curry is the man in the NBA.  His team, the Golden State Warriors, is in the NBA finals that start this week.  Watch this video and remember that …

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Here Comes the Next Huge Wave

  All of the talk about millennials that goes on today is overbearing at times.  But there is a reason this generation is so prevalent.  And it is pictured below in a graph. WOW.  A huge wave of adults is about to take on the world.  For young adults, you can look at this two ways. First, there is going to be a ton of …

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How to Throw Away a Fortune

  May is graduation season. I am always looking for articles to help get kids who are just getting out of college headed on the right track. Below is one of those articles.  The article is on financial matters from the Wall Street Journal. Short and to the point, the items listed below are a great start for young adults just …

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Great things are happening

  Below is a great article that my brother sent me about all the incredible things happening in American manufacturing today.  Sound boring?  Far from it.  The software company hackathons we have seen in the tech industry recently are now coming to USA manufacturing. Rapid change, time to market, and continuous disruption; get used to them.  Make sure you are on the right side of this immense …

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Types of Growth

  Years ago I created a presentation on the various ways I have grown in my life (slow and long term growth, fast changes hitting me upside my head, etc.).  I reviewed it the other day and thought it was still true and valuable.  Below is an article I found interesting that discusses two types of growth—logarithmic and exponential. Logarithmic is …

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Mistakes on Resumes

  I am always amazed to find typos (including my own over the years) or outright lies on resumes.  Just a few months ago, I had to terminate an interview with a prospective associate when it became clear the person had lied on his resume.  Mistakes like these can and have cost people great opportunities. Years ago, I was fortunate to get …

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