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Rule #3

What is Missing from your Job Description

The working world is undergoing massive change right now. Remote positions, flex hours, working at the office, it’s all changing.  I co-wrote a book with Bill Lee called, Chasing Excellence. In the chapter titled, “Everything is Being Disrupted—Except This,” “This” of course, is referring to relationships. — Build relationships from the first day you work until the last. …

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Evening Walking

Last week, I talked about the big positives that come with simply walking every day. Today, I want to take it a step further and talk about going for an easy walk every evening.   I have been tracking my evening walks for about 2 years. I STILL don’t get enough of them in BUT …

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Network Success

I have +-5,000 LinkedIn connections. We have an extensive +-12,000 contacts in our database at Coppola-Cheney.  LIFEies goes to over 25,000 people weekly.  My Commercial Real Estate Narrative goes to over 35,000 weekly.  Why am I sharing all this? The number one predictor of career success is working with a large open network. While the article …

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Advice From the Self-made

I look for and find mentors everywhere I go. Some are people I speak with regularly, have known for decades, and get to learn from all the time (Thank you Bill Lee, and Jim Watkins).  I also learn from people I have never met.  I am constantly trying to get better. I view these people …

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Finding ‘A’ Players

In an economy that is at full employment, finding and hiring A Players is harder than ever.  And A Players are already hard to find in the best of economies.  Here are some guidelines to help as you try to sort the wheat from the chaff when building your team. What classifies someone as an …

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