The Fantastic Life

Rule #3

Evaluating Character

Today, I am sending a blog on character by Ted Gioia.  In his post, he gives 8 techniques for evaluating character.  If you are going to build and have a Fantastic Life, then you have to curate, grow, and sustain a core group of people in your life — your tribe. We all want our tribe […]

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What is Missing from your Job Description

The working world is undergoing massive change right now. Remote positions, flex hours, working at the office, it’s all changing.  I co-wrote a book with Bill Lee called, Chasing Excellence. In the chapter titled, “Everything is Being Disrupted—Except This,” “This” of course, is referring to relationships. — Build relationships from the first day you work until the last.

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Evening Walking

Last week, I talked about the big positives that come with simply walking every day. Today, I want to take it a step further and talk about going for an easy walk every evening.   I have been tracking my evening walks for about 2 years. I STILL don’t get enough of them in BUT

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Network Success

I have +-5,000 LinkedIn connections. We have an extensive +-12,000 contacts in our database at Coppola-Cheney.  LIFEies goes to over 25,000 people weekly.  My Commercial Real Estate Narrative goes to over 35,000 weekly.  Why am I sharing all this? The number one predictor of career success is working with a large open network. While the article

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Advice From the Self-made

I look for and find mentors everywhere I go. Some are people I speak with regularly, have known for decades, and get to learn from all the time (Thank you Bill Lee, and Jim Watkins).  I also learn from people I have never met.  I am constantly trying to get better. I view these people

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