The Fantastic Life

Rule #4

Getting to Great Ideas

In my life, I have continually tried to create and innovate. Writing books, creating our C2 Voice and LIFEies blogs, and trying to compete with Fortune 500 companies in our commercial real estate business — these are all the ways I am innovating weekly.  The new year has begun and I am ready to continue to grow […]

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7 Cool Hacks

I saw the below thread about psychology hacks on Instagram and put it all together for the LIFEies crew to scroll through. Here are my top three hacks and some thoughts on why they work:   Participation — As I have built my teams, I have learned that getting everyone on board, making them stakeholders

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The Munger Technique: The Best Way To Improve Yourself

As you may recall, I am impressed and follow the wisdom of Charlie Munger (Warren Buffett’s partner). He is an amazing person and so thoughtful about life. Below is a thought project from Munger about using the magic of compounding interest on your mind.  Mental compound interest.   The idea is to take the best

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