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Rule #5

Master Your Breath

In LIFEies, I have talked a few times about breathing (Three Breathing Exercises, Calm Under Pressure, & Inner Peace. Now.).  Now there’s a bestselling book about breathing called Breath by James Nestor. Below is a great Twitter thread that I copied from here that gives a short summary of  12 different breathing techniques.  I also just purchased his course on breathwork.. James Nestor | The […]

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Be a Winner

What makes a winner?  I took a few minutes to ponder this question along with the article and here is who I consider winners.  People who: – Endure life’s challenges no matter how tough the situation. – Have the ability to make it to the finish line and never give up. – Set goals and work

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Exercise Snacks

I LOVED the idea presented in the article below — an exercise snack. What is it? 1 minute of intense exercise. Why do it? Turns out, it is GREAT for you.   An exercise snack is….  –Short—approx. 1 minute.–Intense—pick something that is not easy (deep squats, push-ups, and jumping rope are a few ideas). Here is one way I

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Today, we’re talking about the dreaded P-word —procrastination. Below is a great article with lots of ideas on how to procrastinate less. It’s worth the read. Here are three thoughts/methods that I found particularly interesting for me: –Change your environment. If you are stuck or need to get going on something, move environments.  This week I

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Your Gut Health

Gut health is becoming even more important as we begin to understand it better. Every week I see new and potentially life-changing information come out about the gut. I thought I would share some with you today. Here are some ways to improve your gut health: –Stay off the sugar (personal note to Craig). –Avoid large meals

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Negotiation is the Ultimate Productivity Hack

I negotiate on behalf of my clients every single day, and have for over 35 years. I sometimes forget how engrained negotiations are in my life. Negotiation is an obvious requirement for my job, but, as the below article explains, it’s really necessary for everyone, not just those who work in real estate or sales.

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