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Rule #7

Mindfulness for Anxiety

Mindfulness is a fairly common theme of your Fantastic Life.  I constantly want to gently remind myself and our LIFEies community to get more present in our lives.  Today, give yourself the gift of being present and mindful. Here is why I sent the below article:  According to the study mentioned, mindfulness helped with anxiety AS MUCH as drugs

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Stolen Attention

I have been observing how often I’m on my phone and it’s crazy how it drives my life. I am committed to making a change. NOW. Especially after reading the article below. Here are two quotes from the article that particularly stuck with me: “There is no way we can have a normal brain today. We

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Becoming Consistent

Last week I sent a write-up on Discipline and Consistency. This week, let’s take one more look at consistency—my word for 2022. Below is another article on why we should focus on developing this skill.   Here is my question: How can I continue to become more consistent?   Below are some of the ways

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Below is a great article on two topics we never tend to think about.  Suffering and Dying.  I originally typed this LIFEies after being in a car accident and having 3 fractured ribs, so there is the pain.  Couple that with all my athletic endevours, I know short term pain on a first name basis.

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