The Fantastic Life

Rule #7

A More Inspired Life

Every now and then, I like to reinforce a great idea (or several).  In May of 2015, I sent out a LIFEies about Bill McRaven, a retired Navy Seal commander’s commencement address at University of Texas.  (Click here to revisit that talk.)  He has now come out with a book on the same topic. It […]

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Why Aren’t You Doing What Really Makes You Happy?

  The Fantastic Life is created, not inherited.  In my book (that you can purchase by clicking here), there are 18 rules for living The Fantastic Life.  Below is an article from Time Magazine that sites numerous studies showing the science behind all my rules.  AND the science is compelling. –Ambitious goals make you happier. –You think you

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Great things are happening

  Below is a great article that my brother sent me about all the incredible things happening in American manufacturing today.  Sound boring?  Far from it.  The software company hackathons we have seen in the tech industry recently are now coming to USA manufacturing. Rapid change, time to market, and continuous disruption; get used to them.  Make sure you are on the right side of this immense

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