The Fantastic Life

Over my lifetime I have become an avid reader of all things personal and professional growth. I’ve also come to learn that many people don’t have time to read, don’t like to read or don’t know what to read to help them live a Fantastic Life. This blog is a shortcut to articles and stories that I’ve found helpful. There are thousands in this library, organized by topic and by Fantastic Life rule.  Even better, I’ve summarized each entry and highlighted what’s most important. So you don’t have to.


More on Meditation

“You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes every day—unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.”  – Sukhraj Dhillon That quote

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I am a big believer in reading.  It’s the greatest way I continue to grow and learn.  But I also love to read to get

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The Rules of Adventure

In a recent LIFEies on Hardiness,  I mentioned a book I read back in 2006—Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies and Why.  I loved the book

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Urge Surfing

I’ve written a lot in these LIFEies about developing good habits. Now let’s talk about getting rid of bad habits. We all have bad habits, and

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Hardiness is a set of attitudes that motivates you to respond to stressful circumstances in ways likely to produce resiliency, by turning potential disasters into

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4 Questions To Ask Yourself

In a recent Strategic Coach class, I was in a breakout session with entrepreneur Geeta Nadkarni. In that session, she shared that she asks herself

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The Case for Kids

I have 4 children and they have been the best thing I have ever been involved with.  That alone could be the sole message of

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Building Trust Quickly

One area I think about all the time is building deep and meaningful relationships…That means build trust too.   I have spent almost four decades building

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Self-Help Reading Primer

Since I wrote The Fantastic Life (order your copy here), I have been reading more and more books in the “self-help” category.  Some are good,

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Living Each Moment

Tackling mindfulness and living in the moment is an ongoing topic of my life and therefore my LIFEies. The idea of living life now is so compelling and spot on, I

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Alone Time

My daily hiking partner, backpacking partner and longtime friend Brad Lemon got hurt badly a couple years ago when we were hiking in the Dolomites.

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Loving Monotony

When I was a hard charging young broker, I wanted to negotiate every deal to the absolute final deal point.  My first real lease I completely over negotiated, almost killed the deal and got schooled

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Habits Take Time

Habits take time. I know this, yet I am constantly trying out new habits, the majority of which fail to stick.  Why?  For me, there

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Are We Born to Wander?

The title of the below article (which is from last month’s National Geographic) hit me hard.  After a year of being locked down, and not able to travel, my answer

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