The Fantastic Life

Have you ever wondered why, despite your best intentions to achieve big rock goals, so many of your dreams fall by the wayside? It seems that no matter how exciting that goal is…

  • I will run my first marathon in September. 
  • I will double my income in three years.
  • I will coach my daughter’s basketball team next season. 
  • I will learn French and spend next May in Paris. 

…and how motivated you are to achieve it, something happens between the initial excitement of that big rock and the day-to-day doing, which I call sand. That something is called GRAVEL.

GRAVEL is the work that too many people forego in the excitement of launching forward toward a big rock goal. They jump right into the daily tasks, the sand, where absent of a plan, goals often die. 

This book will show you how to achieve anything you want in life and know exactly what to do when you get stuck in the sand. It’s about how to break your big rock goals into GRAVEL and do that work first so that your daily sand work is a positive, encouraging experience. Not a debilitating one.

The method is simple, but not always easy. To achieve any big rock goal, work the Four Layers of GRAVEL in this order. When you get stuck, and you will, go to the next one.

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