The Fantastic Life

Take the Decision Out of the Moment

Make your decisions reflexively based on your goals and values.
When you do, you’ll know you’re moving forward and not wasting time.

All these articles demonstrate Fantastic Life Rule #10 in practice.

A Good End of Life

  Since my bout with Lymphoma in 2013, the passing of my parents in 2018, and now going through my parents’ possessions and closing down

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Developing Daily Discipline

  What is discipline?  In the below article, Inga Stasiulionyte describes discipline as: The difference between being in control of your future and letting your

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  Giving condolences is not easy. Sometimes the sympathy we try to share with grieving friends and loved ones creates more damage from overlooking or simply

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Savor the Moment

  Savoring moments.  It sounds so simple, so easy to do. If you are like me and you get focused on the grind, then you

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