The Fantastic Life

Be Crystal Clear on What You Want 

What are your priorities in life?
If you don’t know what your Fantastic Life looks like,
how can you pursue it?

All these articles demonstrate Fantastic Life Rule #2 in practice.

The Tail End

Below is a great exercise in time and gaining clarity on what is important in you life (FL Rule #2).  Take a moment to break down

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Things to Give Up

  Tim Denning (author of today’s article below), looked around at his successful friends and realized they think and speak differently.  They also work harder

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Do Less

  Prioritization is an important part of The Fantastic Life (Rule #2- Be Crystal Clear on What You Want). This means not just knowing what

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Living YOUR Life

We all make mistakes but living The Fantastic Life is all about living YOUR life. It’s not about keeping up with the Joneses or trying

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Goal Achievers

  Unlocking the secret to achieving your goals is something we all could use. Countless articles and books have been published on the subject (like

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