The Fantastic Life

Play Where You Can Win

Find those places and circumstances that give you the best chance of success.
You’ll have the biggest impact when you do.

All these articles demonstrate Fantastic Life Rule #4 in practice.

7 Cool Hacks

I saw the below thread about psychology hacks on Instagram and put it all together for the LIFEies crew to scroll through. Here are my

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Choosing Time

We all know that time is our most precious resource: It’s the one thing money cannot buy. And with smartphones in every pocket these days,

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What is IT?

In 1983, I got drafted and signed with the Minnesota Twins. It was the most significant event in my life at 21 years old.  In

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Say No to Negativity

Most LIFEies readers will have heard of the ‘The Negativity Effect’ which basically says that bad events and emotions affect us way stronger than positive

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You Can Get Smarter

  Psychologists have determined the quality of your life is in large part dependent on your perspective.  I believe I control my destiny.  I also

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Types of Growth

  Years ago I created a presentation on the various ways I have grown in my life (slow and long term growth, fast changes hitting me upside my head, etc.). 

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