The Fantastic Life

Get a Win

One win can lead to another, and it doesn’t have to be huge to be a win. 
When you adapt a mindset of looking for wins in your day, you will achieve more and feel fantastic about it.

All these articles demonstrate Fantastic Life Rule #5 in practice.

Be a Winner

What makes a winner?  I took a few minutes to ponder this question along with the article and here is who I consider winners.  People

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Exercise Snacks

I LOVED the idea presented in the article below — an exercise snack. What is it? 1 minute of intense exercise. Why do it? Turns out, it

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Today, we’re talking about the dreaded P-word —procrastination. Below is a great article with lots of ideas on how to procrastinate less. It’s worth the

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Your Gut Health

Gut health is becoming even more important as we begin to understand it better. Every week I see new and potentially life-changing information come out about the

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