The Fantastic Life

Set Goals

In order to always be getting closer to your goals, to keep them in your sights, you need to take realistic steps toward your goals instead of overwhelming yourself with them.

All these articles demonstrate Fantastic Life Rule #6 in practice.

The Growth Zone

As we grow older, our comfort zones grow with us.  A lot of things that made me uncomfortable when I was younger, no longer bother

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Change Your Mindset

When I first read the below article, I found myself smiling quite a bit.  Why?  Because it felt like reading my books, The Fantastic Life

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The Antilibrary

I have an entire cabinet in my closet full of books…..that I have not read. And it’s growing. When I get a book recommendation, I

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Habits Take Time

Habits take time. I know this, yet I am constantly trying out new habits, the majority of which fail to stick.  Why?  For me, there

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