The Fantastic Life

Stay Out of the Gap

We all fall into the gap multiple times a day. Recognize it and use the methods in this book to get out fast and stay out as much as you can.

All these articles demonstrate Fantastic Life Rule #7 in practice.

Not Feeling It Today

Not feeling it today?  I’ve been there. You and I both know we will not be operating at 100% all the time.  We KNOW this. 

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Mindfulness for Anxiety

Mindfulness is a fairly common theme of your Fantastic Life.  I constantly want to gently remind myself and our LIFEies community to get more present in our

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Stolen Attention

I have been observing how often I’m on my phone and it’s crazy how it drives my life. I am committed to making a change. NOW.

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Becoming Consistent

Last week I sent a write-up on Discipline and Consistency. This week, let’s take one more look at consistency—my word for 2022. Below is another

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Stoicism Made Simple

I have been into Stoicism for some years now and have written a few LIFEies about this ancient school of thought in the past.  I

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Be Decisive

  One of my favorite words in business is velocity.  I LOVE velocity.  I love work flowing, no bottlenecks, and absolutely no black holes (ever).

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Below is a great article on two topics we never tend to think about.  Suffering and Dying.  I originally typed this LIFEies after being in

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