The Fantastic Life

Use the 2% Rule

You don’t have to always give 110% to achieve fantastic things in life.
In fact, all you need to do is give 2% more than everyone else. 

All these articles demonstrate Fantastic Life Rule #8 in practice.

Napping 2019

  In 2015, I wrote my first LIFEies on napping (Read it here).   Here is the 2019 version to reinforce that napping is wonderful, glorious,

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What’s Your 4AM?

  Everyone has dreams.  Everyone. Some just dream and then snap out of it, returning to their reality.  Others spend time working towards their dream,

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Learning is Changing

  In this disruptive time, one essential skill I keep telling everybody about is continuous learning.  Polymath Barb Oakley has written a book debunking some

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Using the Weekend

  Here is a different perspective:  Weekends are not mini-vacations.  Rather, they are an opportunity to grow.  In our society, we are taught that career

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