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Taking Control of Cancer Diagnosis Treatment.

Most cancer diagnoses come out of the blue. You have a plan and a future mapped out for yourself and suddenly you find yourself in the doctor’s office getting the worst possible news. There are a million things going through your mind. How bad is it? What will happen? Is it curable? What do I tell my friends and family?

You may be wondering where to start, what do to do next, and how to navigate this detour in your life. If you are asking yourself these questions this book is for you. Craig Coppola, a cancer survivor, wrote this book to guide people who were recently diagnosed, or are close to someone recently diagnosed. This is the one book you need to handle the process of going through cancer treatment.
This is the book I wish I had when I first started my cancer journey.

This is one of the very few books on managing the process of cancer diagnosis and treatment. Getting well takes more than just the medical interventions. In this book you learn how to build a great support team around you, why you should always get multiple opinions, how to prepare for your first hospital stay, and more.

You’ll learn the value of setting big personal goals during treatment so you can focus on other things beyond the cancer.

You’ll discover that your doctors are there only for your medical treatment. It’s up to you and your support team to look out for your well-being and manage the process. This is the opposite of what most people think.

You’ll learn how to apply Craig’s 5-pronged approach to handling your cancer treatment, so you’ll know what to expect, take control of the process, and do what’s best for you every step of the way.

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