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Never Quit

  We hear about the importance of never, ever quitting.  But can you show it in action?  I can. Watch the video below for a great example of never giving up. Never quit. It’s a great way to live your life and your best chance to achieve your goals. Rule #12 from my book The Fantastic Life: Get a …

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Great List of Things to Stop Doing to Yourself

  Everybody has a list these days.  Even my Fantastic Life book is a list of 18 rules for living the Fantastic Life.  Here is another list of things to stop doing to improve your life. My favorites include: –stop spending time with the wrong people –stop trying to buy happiness –stop exclusively looking to others for happiness …

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Mistakes on Resumes

  I am always amazed to find typos (including my own over the years) or outright lies on resumes.  Just a few months ago, I had to terminate an interview with a prospective associate when it became clear the person had lied on his resume.  Mistakes like these can and have cost people great opportunities. Years ago, I was fortunate to get …

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Baloney Sandwiches

  This week’s LIFEies is simple.  Do not do things to yourself that make your life tougher.   Reading the below piece will take 3 minutes but it could change your life. Rule #7 from my book The Fantastic Life: Be Value Driven This rule reinforces the fact that when you have clear intentions, whether in work or family, your instincts …

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What would I tell my 20 year old self?

  Fortune magazine asked some of their 40 under 40 business people the simple question: What would I tell my 20-year-old self?  All of the below replies are worth reading, but my favorites are: –Alexa Von Tobel—Get up, dress up, show up. –Kevin Chou—Focus on working with great people, and not the job with the highest paycheck. –Ivanka Trump–Ask questions and …

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The First Hour of Work

  Today’s LIFEies includes a few nice items to start your work day.  Here are three that caught my attention: Make your client calls in the first hour. This includes all past clients and influencers. Do not check your e-mail until you finish your top three big tasks for the day. Plan your frog (worst item to do that day) the night before each morning. Then eat …

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Stop before you send that text/email

  One of the best things about technology can also be the very worst.  Instant communication is great, until it isn’t. Below is a short article from Michael Josephson about taking a little bit of time before you send out any communication to ask yourself a few questions.  Over the years, I have written over a dozen emails or …

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Munger on the Secrets of Berkshire’s Success

  While Warren Buffet is quite famous, his partner, Charlie Munger, is not as much of a household name.  But, together, they run Berkshire Hathaway.  Below is an interview with Munger with my usual highlights on ideas I found particularly insightful.  Munger’s thoughts on investing hit home: –Know what you know and don’t know.  Stay in your lane.  “Knowing the …

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